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Mastering Project Management

Everything you need to know to become a better project manager!
We offer courses in a range of formats, so you can choose the learning experience that suits you


Our masterclasses provide an immersive learning experience covering a specialist subject area from end to end. They are developed and presented by subject matter experts with deep practical expertise, and are ideal for experienced project managers looking to develop advanced understanding of key subject areas.

Modular Courses

Our modular courses provide all the content of a Masterclass, just delivered in smaller chunks.
You can take just one, or all of the modules of a particular course. They are ideal if you want to spread your learning over time, or if you just need to brush up in a specific aspect of the subject matter.

Live & Personal

Our Live & Personal courses focus on the skills you want to learn - your way. These courses comprise of a series of live, one to one training sessions, coupled with personalised assignments and dedicated feedback from an experienced project management coach. Ideal if you prefer live to self paced training!

Private Coaching

Our Private Coaching programmes give you one to one access to a recognised project management expert.
Starting with our unique capability assessment tool, and working through progressive, structured coaching, we will help you achieve your project management ambitions!


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