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Strategy Into Action

Customised virtual strategic planning workshops bringing your strategy to life -  for all employees, everywhere

Are you about to start your annual planning process?

Wondering how to engage and connect your global teams safely and cost effectively?
Virtual workshops, lasting experience.  
Strategy planning is tough enough at the best of times. Linking strategic intent with actionable plans, deciding which projects to invest in to have the best chance of delivering your vision - this is a major activity for most companies. And now we are faced with having to do adapt to doing this remotely.
With continued restrictions on international travel, it is still a significant challenge to bring global teams together like we used to for physical planning workshops. Our virtual planning sessions have been helping companies overcome these issues to bring teams together in engaging, interactive events. 
From strategy roadmaps, to project portfolio construction, prioritising which initiatives to do - and when! - these sessions not only bring your strategy to life for participants but create a lasting experience that can be shared with other employers to keep them engaged with delivering the vision!

Strategy Workshops Overview

Our live virtual workshops are delivered by experienced transformation leads, with a wealth of experience in connecting strategic vision to project portfolios, Strategic planning techniques are explained through extensive case studies, worked examples and fully customisable templates to reflect your internal strategic planning and portfolio development processes. 
We offer on-line support between planning sessions, to help embed techniques and guide teams through the practical use of planning tools, from budgeting templates, performance/goal setting, and initiative proposals/project business cases. 

What our clients say

The Roadmap is such a great way of visualising the portfolio! I can share this with my leadership team now.

Head of transformation
It makes the connection between strategy and the projects we are working on crystal clear.

portfolio manager
I love this! Being able to go back to the recorded video sessions really helps to understand & embed techniques.


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