Frequently asked questions - Our PM Forum Webinars

Are webinars free?

Our webinars are free for everyone who pre-registers. The live sessions are recorded and available for free to attendees. There is a paid version of webinars available for anyone who did not pre-register

How long are the webinars?

Our webinars are typically around 45 minutes, however they sometimes run longer if we have a lot of questions!

Are the webinars interactive?

Yes! We active encourage discussion and experience sharing so that attendees can learn from each other as well as from webinar hosts.

Do I have to be a Project Manager to attend?

Everyone is welcome, however you will get more out of the sessions if you have project management experience as we cover some pretty in-depth topics!

Do I have to appear in the recorded webinar?

Only if you choose! We ask all attendees if they are happy to appear in the recorded version, any one who does not wish to be included will be "masked" so that neither their face, voice or personal details appear.
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